Online Marketing Analyst

Our behavior online fascinates me. I see data like a language, waiting to be interpreted and analyzed. Online marketing strategies depend on a skilled analyst who can thoroughly explain hypotheses and results with ease. That’s what I like to call, a passion of mine.

Trending Critic

If something is going viral, trending on Twitter or is a Buzzfeed list, I know about it. The reason why we choose to click, share or email, creates a thumbprint for future posts on the web. There’s a root to these hashtag mayhems and I’m the first to find out exactly what triggered it.

White Hat Enthusiast

Nothing irks me more than keyword-stuffing, link-buying, content-copying poo heads. The internet should not be riddled with useless articles or tricks just for SEO. It makes the web experience less valuable. No black hatters allowed here!


I graduated from the University of Florida in 2012. I crossed the stage with a degree in Journalism & Communications and an outside concentration in Psychology.

Every semester I made time to develop my digital marketing skills by helping local startups or young professionals increase their web presence. From creating a competitive analysis to managing social media or creating content, I’ve been optimizing the web since 2008.

Gainesville breeds go-getters, type A personalities and young entrepreneurs, like me. If you like working with fresh talent and drive, you’ve come to the right place.

Go Gators!

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Pricing and Plans

I offer a free consultation over the phone, via email or in person (Tampa Bay area). If you’re interested in optimizing your website, social media or digital advertising,  I’ll create an outline that best suits your needs. From there, we can discuss the best options to work together!

Send me a short message with your URL and what you’re looking to accomplish. Can’t wait to hear from you!

– Cynthia

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