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Link Building


Link Building campaigns that will increase your website’s domain authority.

Link building is not a numbers game, it’s an authority game.


In the 90’s it was easy to push hundreds of low-quality links to your site and easily gain rankings on Google. Not anymore! Now, it’s a matter of fostering relationships with industry experts and creating valuable content that begs to be shared and engaged with. Link building is done right by the team at CP Marketing + Co. because we don’t take shortcuts to get a cheap high, we look for long term strategies that keep bringing your website fresh links.


Link building services we provide will increase the domain authority of your site by showing search engines how many other sites find you valuable. We only acquire links from relevant and authoritative websites who will boost your website’s ability to rank higher – no foreign TLDs – with quality links.

Effective link building campaigns we create are derived from content that is:

  • Resourceful
  • Educational
  • Community-driven
  • Entertaining
  • And more!


We only wear white hats around here. Contact us to see how a link building campaign could help you outrank your competition!